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last modified: 16 Oct 2013
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Customer Stories

EMC Insurance – PMO Startup & Evolution
Four years ago, EMC Insurance Companies implemented the cordin8 TenStep solution as their ‘single language, single platform’ for their enterprise PMO solution. Before the PMO and the cordin8 TenStep solution, the executive team knew there were certain systems being worked on, but they never had consistent insight into the status of those projects. Now, they do. Read more

PMI-AGC Customer Story
The Project Management Institute – Arabian Gulf Coast (PMI-AGC) used cordin8 to manage the process for collecting, evaluating, and making decisions regarding technical papers for their PMI International Conference held in Bahrain. The evaluators were from different companies and spread-out across the region. Using cordin8, they were able to see the comments of others right away rather than waiting on the compilation of feedback that then must be sent out, which is how it was done in the past. The savings in time and effort was put to a better use by allowing team members to spent more time on feedback that improved the quality of the papers. Read more

EngenderHealth – The Respond Project
EngenderHealth is a leading international reproductive health organization working to improve the quality of health care in the world’s poorest communities. The RESPOND Project is a five-year cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). They implemented cordin8 to provide a structured way to plan, document, track, and monitor the teams’ activities that would minimize the administrative burden for the team.. Read more

Transformation of the Zain PMOs: Implementation of cordin8
This case study sets the foundation for transforming strategic performance management (3rd generation balanced scorecard), innovation (idea management / portfolio management), and execution(PMO, program/project management) processes as well as the integration of the three on an enterprise basis. This case focuses upon the PMOs. . Read more Read more

PMOSIG Webinar
Transforming the PMO at Zain using the cordin8 TenStep Enterprise P/PMO Solution. View the webinar

TenStep uses cordin8 to prepare for annual conference. Read more.

Consulting firm uses cordin8 as their PMO to manage projects at energy company.Read more.

State Agency
uses cordin8 TenStep Solution to run their PMO. Read more.

cOrdin8: The Organizational Operating System
Businesses require the ability to assemble and re-assemble major components of their organization in order to meet complex and changing competitive needs. Synergy in the network is important so that independent components can function in a unifying way. cordin8 is an organizational operating system developed by cordin8 technologies to facilitate such an integrated and dynamic structure.

Virtual Teams: Getting Beyond Email
This paper outlines why Email won't work for teams and why collaborative technologies to date haven't worked. It describes the technology requirements of for a collaborative system, including real-time storage and retrieval of information and project documents, and business processes generally, and how a dispersed team environment and the needs of external parties impact these requirements.