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TeamMachine™ Setup

Understand team’s objectives, purpose, and processes.  Create and configure the appropriate TeamMachine™.  Identify and load relevant data, such as strategic objectives, opportunities, project requests, project list, resources, and metric data.



Individual training for each team member on how to use and engage their team members in using their TeamMachine™.


Coaching & Support

Six months of coaching and support for the team.  This service provides coaching and support to both team leadership and members in how to accomplish the team’s work utilizing their TeamMachine™.


TeamMachine™ Review

After the team has launched their TeamMachine™, it is often instructive to review usage at 45, 60 or 90 days to ensure the team is moving-up the learning curve.  Teams who have been using TeamMachine™ for longer periods also benefit from an assessment to identify improvement opportunities.


TeamMachine™ Team Bootcamp

The bootcamp is project management for teams.  It covers: project chartering; requirements definition; project scoping; schedule/action management; issue management; quality management and cost management.  As part of the bootcamp, students utilize their TeamMachine™ to accomplish project management deliverables that are for their projects.  Students work in pairs to practice the vast range of collaboration features in TeamMachine™.



Next Generation High-Performance Organization Program

Working with organizational leaders, we create a transformation program that assesses the current organizational context to uncover performance improvement opportunities.  Then, working with all levels of the organization, we design a future state that is a results-based structure enabled by cordin8. The implementation phase includes multiple team pilots to validate the TeamMachine™ configurations for the organization along with the appropriate training and support.

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